Affiliate Disclosure

What We Do?

We created ValidCBD with one key purpose in mind – to share reviews among concerned people who can’t decide which information to trust. All product reviewers receive affiliate commissions for their work, and we’re not an exception. But our aim is in stark contrast with the principles of other unreliable review pages. High-quality CBD products may bring a lot of benefits, but inexperienced consumers can hardly distinguish good products from bad ones. That’s why we decided to take care of it.

Each person can find out everything about this or that product here: the methods of production and processing of raw material, recommended servings, prices, and properties of CBD goods.

How We Make Money?

We earn money by receiving affiliate commissions. If you find the product on and decide to buy it, you needn’t search for the official site of CBD producers. We place the link which leads you right to the manufacturer’s e-store.There, you can buy a product from a reliable brand, and we’ll get a moderate commission from this purchase.

Why Do We Do This?

Affiliate business models are present almost everywhere, and you may not even know about it. It’s a necessary element of our work too. Everything we do, including our reviews of numerous CBD products, requires a lot of effort and time. staff works day and night to create useful content, and we are remunerated for it accordingly. This allows us to support the development of the site and make necessary improvements.

The maintenance of the website isn’t free either. Thus, the developers need funding to improve the interface and make it more convenient for users.

Does It Affect the Ratings and Reviews of the Products?

The existence of affiliate links has no influence on the fairness of our reviews whatsoever. As we’ve already mentioned, we carefully analyze each product and cooperate only with trustworthy brands. Placing the affiliate link to the low-quality products only to earn money is not the objective we pursue. If you browse through our reviews and see any CBD oil with a high rating, be sure that it’s a quality product.

Why Do We Share This Disclosure?

Our website strives to be honest with clients. That’s why we not only place candid reviews but also share this affiliate disclosure with you. You may see that any website praises a specific product, but you won’t find it on the list of the best CBD products on ValidCBD. And no remuneration from the manufacturer can make us change our minds.

Will It Cost You More Money?

If you’re afraid that purchasing the product through the affiliate link will cost you more, you can sigh with relief, because it won’t. In fact, people who use affiliate links can buy the product at a more favorable price because of the special discounts or promo codes for clients of This is quite a lucrative option with transparent conditions for everyone, and that’s what makes affiliate programs useful nowadays.